Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cross Cultural Fine Dining Experience at Yoree

The masses is drawn to the trend of foreign culture especially our young people. We are not only focused on local and Western entertainment but also on Asian entertainment specifically Korean.  Although the fad of Korean TV series fascinates the viewers, it also helps us understand their customs.

Our educational institutions is no stranger to the Koreans. Our private schools has the most number of Koreans among all foreign students. I also had Korean classmates during my college days.

What best way to understand their customs than knowing about their dishes. During my time as a student, I always befriend foreign students because no one talks to them and we are supposed to  be hospitable people.

I attended an informal lunch at a new Korean restaurant named Yoree located in Bonifacio Global City. The first branch in the Philippines is owned and operated by a Korean. The good thing about Korean employers and cooks is they are meticulous with the details.

What you will first notice in a Korean restaurant like Yoree are the metal utensils. Their chopsticks are made of metal which is usual in Korean royalty.To Korean royalty, silver and gold are being used for dining utensils. You will also notice that they have standard appetizers to offer before the actual meal.
Also, their tables has built-in stove for grilling. You can ask the waiters to help you or assist you while cooking. The presentations of the dining set are really classy. The food preparations is also not your usual routine in meals so the waiters can assist you how to eat the dishes the way Koreans do it.
Photo courtesy of  Blogger JR Bustamante

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coffee Tour 2013

As a coffee drinker, not a day is complete unless I have at least two cups of coffee. Either I have nothing else to drink or the aroma, I am addicted to coffee. I've been blogging for Coffee Origins for two years now and I always try their samplers of different coffee brewers.

When I first attended the Coffee Origins October 2012, I was informed about the situation of our local coffee industry. I am now privileged to be given a tour in one of the coffee farms in Cavite. Cavite State University housed the research center for coffee. Since it is not far from Batangas, source of coffee liberica popularly known as barako, it is a suitable educational institution for coffee research.

The National Coffee Research Development provides studies that can help inform farmers about the new and ideal ways to harvest coffee. The research facility can also help provide seminars. From what I saw during the tour, different types of coffee also be crossbred like a hybrid with two or more types of coffee.
Photos courtesy of Shark Media

The research center also sells coffee they made from their farm not because of profit but classify the different tastes of coffee blends that they grow. I will never look at coffee the same way when I drink it. It will remind me how much studies are spent to make it a good coffee. Follow this blog for more of my foodie adventures and like my Facebook page.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bring Your Own Cup Day is now in the Phils.

I've been hearing about Bring Your Own Cup Day that happened first in Australia and I am glad to announce that it is finally hear in the Philippines. On November 7 in all 7-11 branches nationwide, Philippines will be brainfreezed for the ultimate Slurpee experience.

The purpose of the event is to bring the creativity out by bringing their craziest idea of bringing their own cup to fill up with as long as it fits in the "Bilog ng MaCUPangyarihan". To give you a hint, I will share my experience during the launch of BYO Cup Day.

The most worthwhile cup that was brought was a trophy cup. The most cute one I saw is a small bucket with spiral designed straws. The bartender filled up an empty vodka bottle. My PR contact Serg brought his touch football size drinking container. The craziest idea I saw was a vase, a pet's bowl and a thermal pitcher.

This can only be done on the day itself. For only 29 Pesos per serving, you will be having the ultimate brainfreeze ever. In addition, share your brainfreeze moment by taking a photo of it and post in 7-11 social media pages(Facebook and Instagram) to win prizes. Don't forget to hashtag #BYOCupDay .

Bring Your Own Cup Day is brought to you by 7-11 in partnership with Coca Cola Phils., and Coca-Cola FEMSA Phils.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Goya Take It lets you enjoy your choco fix the way you want it

The Greeks were on to something when they called the cacao tree the “food for the gods.”

It is, after all, where chocolate comes from.

And, if left on their own, people would anoint chocolate a food group, like grains and vegetables.

To many, chocolate is already an elixir, capable of banishing fatigue, boosting flagging spirits and mimicking the giddy feeling of being in love.

That chocolate has other health benefits (decreasing the risk of stroke, upping heart health) is, well, more reason to eat it!

In fact, Goya has found another easy-peasy way to get your fix: by just taking it.

Yes, the new Goya Take It molded chocolate wafers are three-layer crispy wafer fingers smothered in milk chocolate and available in easy-to-carry packs of 2 fingers, 4 fingers and, if you’re a choco hoarder, a 6 pack of 2 fingers.

Stash it in your bag, your jeans pocket or simply eat it as you go. Goya’s Take It lives up to its name and long-standing reputation as a trusted maker of the Pinoy’s well-loved chocolate brand.

Goya Take It is is a product of Delfi Foods, Inc., a licensee of Delfi Chocolates Manufacturing S.A. in Switzerland, which is, in turn owned by Petra Foods Ltd., one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of cocoa ingredients.

That’s your guarantee that every rich inch of Goya Take It molded chocolate wafer is made from swiss quality chocolate which has been highly regarded for centuries all around the world.

That means you get the healthy rush real chocolate delivers. It also means Goya Take It is the real thing, made affordable so you get more pleasurable bang for your buck.

Plus, it’s super versatile. While eating it on its own is awesome enough, Goya Take It allows you to let your foodie imagination run wild. Stick it in your ice cream, or lay a few Goya Take It fingers on a plate and top with ice cream for an a la mode twist.

For a double boost, take a few fingers of Goya Take It with your afternoon coffee.

Or you can even cook with it! Experiment with Goya Take It brownies, or substitute the graham cracker base of your cheesecake with Goya Take It! Perfect on weekends, family gatherings or your sweetest pal’s bachelorette party.

Yet, on its own Goya Take It is uber versatile: as snack, energy-booster and because it’s made so easy to snap, as a way to share, cheer someone up  or get closer to that guy or girl you’ve been eyeing from afar.

Yep, don’t underestimate the power of chocolate. Goya Take It crispy wafer fingers in milk chocolate certainly make all that power affordable, shareable, easy-peasy and amazingly delicious.

Goya Take It is a quality product from DelfiFoods, Inc. under license from Delfi Swiss S.A. Available in packs of 2 fingers, 4 fingers and a 6 pack of 2 fingers at leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

October is Coffee Month: Coffee Origins 2013

I am a coffee drinker. I drink coffee more often than beer. I drink 4 cups a day max. Last year, not only I got to try out samples of coffee but I also learn about the advocacy of the event. To promote and spread awareness of the local coffee industry. Glorietta 5 has been hosting this yearly.
Sponsored by the industry’s ardent supporters like URC for Great taste Coffee, Cream-All non-dairy creamer, Suchero coconut sugar, Aquabest purified water and many roasting companies and local governments like Cavite, national agencies like Dept.of Trade and Industry- Kalinga, DA-AMAS, ARMM  and other non-profits, it will run from October 10-22, 2013.
October 19 is a date to mark for Coffee 101 seminars at Enderun in Taguig City, and October 23 is the 6th National Coffee Summit at the Landbank Plaza, Malate, Manila.
Those wanting to get into coffee or simply are coffee aficionados should not miss these events. The Philippine Coffee Board Inc. (PCBI) has been doing this show for over 10 years now and this is known to be the biggest coffee celebration in the country.
Log on to or find them on facebook:Philippine Coffee Board or follow on Twitter:@philcoffeeboard.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Celebrate a Weekend of Food and Shopping at the Electrolux Discover-E Food Market

Wondering where to go and what to do over the weekend? Bring your friends and family together and celebrate a weekend of shopping and culinary enjoyment at the Electrolux Discover-E Food Market.
The Electrolux Discover-E Food Market will be held on September 7 and 8 at the Cash & Carry Mall located along South Super Highway. Join Electrolux celebrity chefs Bruce Lim and Rosebud Benitez as they prepare easy-to-make Filipino dishes that you will certainly enjoy. Learn new cooking techniques from the winners of the Discover-E Student Cook-Off from Philippine Women’s University, Genting-Star Academy and the Center for Advanced Training in Food and Beverage Services Inc.
“Guests will definitely learn and discover new recipes and dishes that surely satisfy their cravings,” says Andrea Pionilla, Group Product Manager. “Our brand ambassadors and young culinary talents will teach you how to create delicious Filipino dishes with a twist using a wide range of Electrolux appliances.
The food market will feature over 20 food stalls offering a wide array of unique Filipino delicacies that will sure get your appetite going. Anson’s Appliance Center will also give discounts of up to 50% on selected Electrolux appliances.
“The Electrolux Discover-E Food Market will be a perfect place to enjoy and appreciate distinct Filipino flavours in one delectable weekend of food, food, and more food,” adds Pionilla.
Electrolux gives you five easy ways to redeem a free VIP passport: (1) purchase of two Cash & Carry cinema tickets; (2) P500 single receipt purchase from Cash & Carry Department Store; (3) P2,000 single receipt purchase from Cash & Carry Supermarket; (4) purchase of any Electrolux product from Anson’s Appliance Center; or (5) P3,000 single receipt purchase of any product from Anson’s Appliance Center.
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

iCrave for Goldilocks iCake

Since its introduction in 2007, the iPhone has become one of the most well-known and most visible gadgets around. Due in part to its groundbreaking design, user-friendly interface, and distinctive aesthetics, this remarkable smartphone has taken the entire world by storm. So what better way to pay tribute to this cultural icon than by making it huge and edible? Decorated with scrumptious life-like Application icons, the iCake from Goldilocks is something that tech-savvy users and iPhone lovers alike would certainly enjoy!

This high-tech Goldilocks celebration cake now comes in 8x12 inches of geeky goodness. Definitely more affordable than the actual iPhone, the iCake is readily available for purchase and can be personalized with your own choice of delicious Application icons. Moreover, under the simulated touch screen, cake lovers can have their choice of mocha, chocolate and marble layers. Delicious and fun, this Goldilocks creation caters to those with “nerdy” palates. Head over to your nearest Goldilocks branch or call Goldiocks Go-Delivery 888-1-999 to satisfy your sweet cravings.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Party At Papa John's

Papa John's in Greenbelt 3
We all celebrate birthday parties. But a kid's birthday parties is something celebrated at least once in everyone's lifetime. This is what Papa John's is trying to kick off when they had a Pizza Party public launch in Megamall.

This shows that Papa John's is not just a pizza establishment for adults but it is also for the whole family. The launch just shows that Papa John's can also hosts parties for kids of all ages. Papa John's has three themes ideal for a kids' party to choose from. There is the a sporty theme for boys and an inclusive zoo and carnival themes for everyone.

Besides the party themes, Papa John's also have new pizzas and dishes to choose from. I never had the luxury of having a kids party at a restaurant so I encourage parents to consider treating their kids to a party that they will not forget. These are the memories you will only have at a limited time. Visit the nearest Papa John's branch to inquire about their party packages.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Glucerna 1-2-3 Challenge

There are three points to consider if you are living healthy. Diet, physical fitness, and lifestyle. Our lifestyle is defined from our habits and eating is part of the habit. That determine whether it's healthy or not. If the food we eat doesn't give us nourishment and that's going to be the problem.

I attended a launch about Glucerna 1-2-3 Challenge and I didn't expect how I will benefit from this event. Tips were given by experts to help you about healthy living. For the aspect of physical fitness, fitness coach Jim Saret demonstrated exercises that we can do at home. This is important because we need to keep our bodies active and fit. We were also given ideas what to eat.

Besides that, we accepted the challenge by undergoing screening. First was the blood test, followed by a screening then a consultation. We were instructed to register at the Glucerna 1-2-3 Challenge website and follow the daily routine. The website allows you to monitor developments as it progresses assuming if you follow the routine religiously.

What's good with this it won't cost you because it's free. Now challenge yourself.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Goldilocks Chicken Tenders BBQ

From grilled to deep fried, breaded or honey-glazed, our love for chicken is undeniable. In fact, weekly, Pinoy family meals will never be complete without it.

This is why Goldilocks Foodshop put together four tummy-filling chicken combos that will surely make a delicious impression on your taste buds. On top of their mouthwatering goodness, these chicken treats are easy on the pocket, too.

First on the list is the Chicken Tenders BBQ: perfectly grilled tender chicken thigh meat skewered with onions and bell peppers. For those who prefer a more traditional meal, there’s the grilled Chicken BBQ basted with Goldilocks’ own special sauce. Of course, both Chicken BBQ combos are served with java rice.

An American mix is also added to the list for those who want a little spice. The Buffalo Chicken combo adds a Pinoy twist to this classic appetizer by marinating the chicken in sesame oil, egg, tomato catsup, paprika and other spices. Finally, no chicken festival is complete without a golden, crispy fried chicken combo.

So why did the chicken cross the road? To head to Goldilocks, of course! Visit your nearest branch and get your chicken fix now!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Macaroons For A Cause

Education is not privilege but a right. Our constitution is clear about it. But there are constituents who are not able to finish their studies because of they can't afford the yearly increasing of tuition fees.
Red Ribbon in collaboration with the Apl  Foundation which was founded by Apl De Ap of the Black Eyed Peas and Franklin Baker Company came up with a plan to build more schools.
Apl De Ap himself is reminded of his past when he was still growing up here in the Philippines and how hard for him to finish his education here. This is Apl's way to give back to the community. Apl's vision is to establish a Music School in the future. Hopefully, it will begin with this campaign.
Buying macaroons may not be your usual diet but knowing there's a greater cause behind it and where the proceeds go, is beneficial enough. Buy these yummy macaroons at your nearest Red Ribbon outlets. Ten macaroons that cost 50 pesos will go a long way.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Goldilocks Father's Day Treat 2013

Here's a good suggestion from Goldilocks for sons and daughters to show their appreciation for dad and tell them 'you're the best,Dad".

Goldilocks is highlighting sweet delicacies that are sure to tickle the taste buds of Dads of all ages. There’s the enduring favorite, the Black Forest Cake, which now comes in roll size and single servings. On the other hand, the Cinammon Hugs, Ensaymada Hugs, and Caramel tarts will surely get a lot of hugs in return from dad.

Stop by your nearest Goldilocks branch, or call 888-1-999 Go-Delivery to get a special treat for a truly special man in our lives.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Nutrilite: The Latest Product From Amway

I've known Amway for many years. A couple of friends of mine are also connected to Amway. Although multilevel marketing gets a negative image due to some pyramidal schemes, Amway as well as other legitimate multi-level companies are still around.

Dr. Micheline Vergara
I was able to attend the launch of their new product, Nutrilite. It was like attending one of their product briefings that they usually do for recruiting. Dr. Micheline Vergara, one of their motivational speakers, oriented us with the product.

Dr. Vargas with Ms. Leny Olmedi, Country Manager for Amway Phils.
Nutrilite is rich in protein which is very critical nutrient for our well being. Here's some facts about protein f you can't recall its benefits in our health. Protein repairs our tissues which is why athletes needs lots of protein.
In this digital age, we don't get the right nutrients for our bodies since we are used at fast foods and instant or processed foods. Nutrilite can help give those nutrients especially protein in our system. Nutrilite is plant-based and it reduces cholesterol we get from processed foods. The ingredients are non-genetically modified so we are assured from food chemicals.
The target consumers are the adults but it is not for those who have gout or high in uric acid. So it is still best to consult your physician before your physician. Nutrilite has a neutral taste so it can be used in our dishes. I tried it during the launch in Amway\s chocolate drink and the flavor is not affected.

Nutrilite is now available at the Amway centers. If you are interested to join the Amway business, you may contact any Amway agent or go to their nearest Amway center. Follow W.H.A.T. Food blogs using your Google or Twitter accounts for more foodie adventures.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Goldilocks Ube Halaya

There are numerous tastes that every Filipino can connect to their youth, though nothing does the trick quite like sweets:  polvoron crumbling in your mouth, the soft and buttery texture of a freshly baked mamon, the cheesy goodness of an ensaymada, and of course, the richness of ube halaya – the perfect combination of soft, sweet and chewy.

Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, brings a whole new level of delight through its ube halaya dessert. The Goldilocks Ube Halaya comes at a sizeable 300 grams, which means more servings for everyone to enjoy. Given the varied array of sweets and confectionary available today, it’s good to go back to basics sometimes, and enjoy a uniquely Filipino treat. 

Stop into your local Goldilocks today, take home some Ube Halaya.