Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coffee Tour 2013

As a coffee drinker, not a day is complete unless I have at least two cups of coffee. Either I have nothing else to drink or the aroma, I am addicted to coffee. I've been blogging for Coffee Origins for two years now and I always try their samplers of different coffee brewers.

When I first attended the Coffee Origins October 2012, I was informed about the situation of our local coffee industry. I am now privileged to be given a tour in one of the coffee farms in Cavite. Cavite State University housed the research center for coffee. Since it is not far from Batangas, source of coffee liberica popularly known as barako, it is a suitable educational institution for coffee research.

The National Coffee Research Development provides studies that can help inform farmers about the new and ideal ways to harvest coffee. The research facility can also help provide seminars. From what I saw during the tour, different types of coffee also be crossbred like a hybrid with two or more types of coffee.
Photos courtesy of Shark Media

The research center also sells coffee they made from their farm not because of profit but classify the different tastes of coffee blends that they grow. I will never look at coffee the same way when I drink it. It will remind me how much studies are spent to make it a good coffee. Follow this blog for more of my foodie adventures and like my Facebook page.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bring Your Own Cup Day is now in the Phils.

I've been hearing about Bring Your Own Cup Day that happened first in Australia and I am glad to announce that it is finally hear in the Philippines. On November 7 in all 7-11 branches nationwide, Philippines will be brainfreezed for the ultimate Slurpee experience.

The purpose of the event is to bring the creativity out by bringing their craziest idea of bringing their own cup to fill up with as long as it fits in the "Bilog ng MaCUPangyarihan". To give you a hint, I will share my experience during the launch of BYO Cup Day.

The most worthwhile cup that was brought was a trophy cup. The most cute one I saw is a small bucket with spiral designed straws. The bartender filled up an empty vodka bottle. My PR contact Serg brought his touch football size drinking container. The craziest idea I saw was a vase, a pet's bowl and a thermal pitcher.

This can only be done on the day itself. For only 29 Pesos per serving, you will be having the ultimate brainfreeze ever. In addition, share your brainfreeze moment by taking a photo of it and post in 7-11 social media pages(Facebook and Instagram) to win prizes. Don't forget to hashtag #BYOCupDay .

Bring Your Own Cup Day is brought to you by 7-11 in partnership with Coca Cola Phils., and Coca-Cola FEMSA Phils.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Goya Take It lets you enjoy your choco fix the way you want it

The Greeks were on to something when they called the cacao tree the “food for the gods.”

It is, after all, where chocolate comes from.

And, if left on their own, people would anoint chocolate a food group, like grains and vegetables.

To many, chocolate is already an elixir, capable of banishing fatigue, boosting flagging spirits and mimicking the giddy feeling of being in love.

That chocolate has other health benefits (decreasing the risk of stroke, upping heart health) is, well, more reason to eat it!

In fact, Goya has found another easy-peasy way to get your fix: by just taking it.

Yes, the new Goya Take It molded chocolate wafers are three-layer crispy wafer fingers smothered in milk chocolate and available in easy-to-carry packs of 2 fingers, 4 fingers and, if you’re a choco hoarder, a 6 pack of 2 fingers.

Stash it in your bag, your jeans pocket or simply eat it as you go. Goya’s Take It lives up to its name and long-standing reputation as a trusted maker of the Pinoy’s well-loved chocolate brand.

Goya Take It is is a product of Delfi Foods, Inc., a licensee of Delfi Chocolates Manufacturing S.A. in Switzerland, which is, in turn owned by Petra Foods Ltd., one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of cocoa ingredients.

That’s your guarantee that every rich inch of Goya Take It molded chocolate wafer is made from swiss quality chocolate which has been highly regarded for centuries all around the world.

That means you get the healthy rush real chocolate delivers. It also means Goya Take It is the real thing, made affordable so you get more pleasurable bang for your buck.

Plus, it’s super versatile. While eating it on its own is awesome enough, Goya Take It allows you to let your foodie imagination run wild. Stick it in your ice cream, or lay a few Goya Take It fingers on a plate and top with ice cream for an a la mode twist.

For a double boost, take a few fingers of Goya Take It with your afternoon coffee.

Or you can even cook with it! Experiment with Goya Take It brownies, or substitute the graham cracker base of your cheesecake with Goya Take It! Perfect on weekends, family gatherings or your sweetest pal’s bachelorette party.

Yet, on its own Goya Take It is uber versatile: as snack, energy-booster and because it’s made so easy to snap, as a way to share, cheer someone up  or get closer to that guy or girl you’ve been eyeing from afar.

Yep, don’t underestimate the power of chocolate. Goya Take It crispy wafer fingers in milk chocolate certainly make all that power affordable, shareable, easy-peasy and amazingly delicious.

Goya Take It is a quality product from DelfiFoods, Inc. under license from Delfi Swiss S.A. Available in packs of 2 fingers, 4 fingers and a 6 pack of 2 fingers at leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.