Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Hunt for the Next Bacardi Legacy

I’ve been to bars but I never tried bar hopping till now. I am going to five bars to try out five Bacardi Legacy cocktail drinks from five finalists. I got to attend last year’s finals night but this is the first time I got to talk to the creators of the new original cocktail drinks.
Alliuss Abrazado prepares his "Rosa de Ron"

Bacardi Legacy is a yearly event where the competing mixer creates a drink and a story to back it up. Here’s a trivia. Did you know that the cocktail drink popularly known as the Rum and Coke is a Bacardi Legacy cocktail drink called Cuba Libre? During the time of the Spanish-American War, when the American forces were stationed in Cuba, a Captain Russell ordered Bacardi Gold rum and Coke on ice with a lemon wedge and found the taste pleasurable. It was an instant hit that it became their drink for camaraderie with the Cuban revolutionaries and they toasted “Cuba Libre!” (Free Cuba!) this ignited their thirst for victory and independence.
Larry Guevarra and his "La Mision"
My first stop was Bar Mathilde for Larry Guevarra of Alley for his creation, La Mision. Larry has an interesting story that I can totally relate. Like me, Larry also came from the seminary but didn’t finish it which is why he named the drink La Mision. Yes, priests do drink alcohol. The one they drink in the Communion is real wine. Larry used Bacardi 8 because it looks like infinity which represents the Divine.
Orman Bag-ao's "Rain Or Shine"
The cocktail entry that I really fancied was Rain Or Shine by Orman Bag-ao of Long Bar. I find it refreshing with carrots with it instead of lemon. Orman explained that this unique drink draws his inspiration from his native Davao.
Kenneth Bandivas's Sonreir
The other drinks that was also represented was Sonreir by Kevin Bandivas (Prisma), Rosa de Ron by Alliuss Abrazado (Buddha Bar), and Nos Unimos by Ralph Allen Santos of Bitters. The purpose of this bar tour is to showcase the cocktail drink entries and get feedback from the bar patrons and post online their favorite Bacardi Legacy drink.

 The five cocktail mixers will be gathered in Twelve Monkeys in Makati on March 16 as they will be judged who will be sent to the international leg of Bacardi Legacy will be on May in Berlin, Germany just like last year when Richie Cruz was sent abroad last year for his creation El Tindero. This is the second time the Philippines is sending a representative but most of the entries from different countries are represented by Filipino cocktail mixers.

Besides Mathilde, we also went to The Curator, Penthouse, 8747, OTO Bar and Exit Bar. I am glad I am still walking straight after having eight shots of Bacardi Legacy cocktail entries at five bars. For post event updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.
Nos Unimos by Ralph Allen Santos.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Dine Philippines is a seminar series organized by Courage Asia that brings together the expert advice, trending concepts, and inspiring ideas that promote a healthier business atmosphere for the food industry. Set in key provincial venues, it is the largest gathering of its kind, reaching an audience of close to 10,000 stakeholders by each year.

The current foot traffic and tourism initiative of Ozamiz City is a key player in mapping the event in Northern Mindanao, specifically in Ozamiz. The culinary flavors of Ozamiz has already been featured in national TV and magazine making more people in the food industry more curious about what the city can offer to the business atmosphere. That makes Ozamiz City ready for Dine Philippines.

Johann’s Cuisine 3.0 The Promenade located in Barangay Lam-An Hi-way is a proud host of the first and ever Dine Ozamiz from March 2-3, 2017 and you are invited to support a strong educational component with several seminars, cooking expedition and networking dinner. This 2 day celebration will feature a travel fair, hotel and restaurants, a job fair and a launch of the ultimate food fair, The OZAMIZLICIOUS.

Trade Fair
Food Fair

When it comes to a packed lunch, the bento box is one of the most entertaining ways to send kids off to school. It may seems like  it’s all kinds of crazy to spend so much time on a lunch, but as you can see from the following photos, the result is a work of art! At Dine Ozamiz, we will invite different stakeholders to create their own lunchbox masterpiece using San Miguel – Purefoods products & it’ll be super fun!

Open to all culinary and or HRM students

Open to all Moms

·         With a minimum purchase of 500 worth of receipt from any  San Miguel- Purefoods products, anyone can be a contestant
·         Members can be only up to 3
·         Dine Ozamiz will provide ingredients as well as additional tools that can be used for doing the decorations
  • Theme: Let your imagination fly :). Can be anything really, it doesn't have to be Japanese either, rational, modern or whatever kind of style is fine as long as it's a meal in a box/container.

§  Food Balance: We'll not only look at how cute or pretty your bento is, but also if your bento is well balanced. Let's say, a bit of carb, meat, veggies, fruit, etc. instead of just rice with a cute nori face.
§  Colour Balance: People would be more attracted to your bento (including us, judges) if your bento doesn't look too dull.
§  Creativity: Impress us with your creativity

§  Trade Fair
§  Food Fair

CHEF SHOWDOWN – using local ingredients
-          Chef Bruce Lim
-          Chef Dino Datu
-          Chef Datu Pendatun
-          Chef Jam Melchor
-          Johann Dagandara

§  Trade Fair
§  Food Fair
§  Business to business
§  The Promenade Open House

§  Chef’s consultation

Friday, February 10, 2017

White Cut Chicken

Have you tried white cut chicken?

Filipinos are chicken lovers with all the lechon manok stalls, inasal restaurants and breaded fried chicken offered in burger fastfoods here and there. But other than these brown coated meat usually eaten with gravy or sauce, there is also the so-called white cut chicken commonly served in traditional Chinese restaurants. And they are as mouth-watering as the roast or fried versions.
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The difference between white cut chicken and other chicken recipes is obviously the color. White cut chicken got its name from its white chicken skin produced through a different but easy cooking method. A whole dressed chicken is marinated in salt and dipped in hot water for 30 minutes to cook. To make it, water is heated and then the fire is turned off when it starts to boil.

Such cooking process leaves the chicken’s skin light-colored or white and its meat tender, moist and flavorful. The whole chicken is then sliced and served with garnish like cilantro, leeks or ginger and a sauce of mixed minced ginger, green onion, salt and hot peanut oil. It can also be dipped in soy sauce, oyster sauce, or chili pepper sauce. The different Chinese restaurants have their own style of serving this tasty dish. 

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