Friday, June 12, 2015

Hermanos Taco Shop: Cross-cultural Gastronomic Experience Part 2

After the introduction I made in my last post, here's the best part: FOOD TASTING! Upon arrival, I was given a Mexican signature drink Horchata. At my first sip, I immediately savored the drink because the cinnamon was very distinct that you hardly can ignore the taste. It is not everyday that you can drink cinnamon. Usually, it just provides the the drink.

Along with horchata, we were served with an authentic Mexican nacho. You may have tried nacho in bars and grills but what makes an authentic nacho is the guacamole. Guacamole is only avocado that makes it more appetizing. You got to appreciate the preparation because the guacamole is not easy to make.

The nacho is truly a heavy snack because of the beefy filling. If you don't find it heavy yet, then the Chicken Quesadilla will which is the next course. Quesadilla is like a flat meat pie similar to pizza slices but smaller. Unlike pizza, the  chicken quesadilla is not baked just like the unleavened bread in the Mediterranean.
Chicken Quesadilla

Eating at Hermanos made me realize that there are more Mexican food besides taco and quesadilla. The other way to enjoy taco is the Rolled Taco. It may look like a Pinoy lumpia but it will give you a spicy kick once you taste it.
Rolled Tacos

What I didn't expect from A Mexican taco is the Fish Taco. I never thought fish can make a good taco out of it.It does not have an aftertaste and it has a more appealing look. The Fish Taco is also Hermanos' bestseller.
Fish Taco

What's Mexican food without churros. Instead of chocolate. The churros served with caramel for dipping which is I prefer instead of the usual chocolate. Tried their churros without dipping and it still taste good.

Hermanos also serve imported Mexican beer. You can be assured that the food served fresh especially since they make their salsa sauce everyday. As for authenticity, they even have to import ingredients from Mexico since there is no alternate ingredients here. 

Hermanos Taco House continues to expand and is open for franchise. Watch out as they will soon open in Makati and also has a spot inside Ateneo campus. Hermanos was nominated many times and is listed one of the top ten Mexican restaurants by Manila's Best. For more mouth-watering cravings, just follow this blog and like L.E.N.S.blogs for more updates.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hermanos Taco Shop: Cross-cultural Gastronomic Experience Part 1

Mexico and the Philippines have some things in common. Both were a former colony of Spain which is why two countries can relate even despite living in different time zones. Also, most Filipinos are fascinated with Mexican soap opera which is why we even dubbed it in Filipino or do a Filipino production of it.

But there is another thing in common with them. We both have love for food. Both have meals eaten with rice but the only thing that made Mexican food unique is their taco. Although taco is already common to Filipinos that you can even buy the basic ingredients in the supermarket but not all can copy the way Mexicans make their tacos.

Which led me to Hermanos Taco House in New Manila, Quezon City not far from Greenhills. When I arrive there, I never expected the place to be so simple but do not be fooled by outside appearance once the food is served at your table.

Hermanos is a Spanish word for brothers and not named after a person. An idea came from owner Ms. Cathy Mora's brother which is very suited since it is a family business. San Diego, California has big population of Mexican and Filipino community and for Ms. Cathy, she got the best of both cultures because she has a Mexican stepfather who also cooks authentic Mexican dishes.

It opened in New Manila and it's been in operation for five years now that it extended the family business in Alabang operated by Ms. Cathy's sister. The flagship branch location is not a hindrance to Manila, San Juan, and Quezon City patrons but it also got patrons coming all the way from Makati just for the tacos. Why open a Mexican food business? Ms. Cathy simply said, "Because we love to eat and we love to cook."

Will continue the food tasting on my next post but will leave you first this teaser photo that will leave you craving for now. Like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook to get updated on my next post.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

An Artsy Summer for Kids at the Slappy Cakes Summer Camp

Press release

Slappy Cakes, the popular international all-day breakfast joint originating from Portland, Oregon, recently had its first ever Slappy Cakes Summer Camp for kids interested in DIY pancake design and various arts and crafts. The three-day art workshop for kids aged five to 12 years old was held at the SM Aura, SM North Edsa The Block, and Eastwood branches. By providing art-filled activities and a venue to meet new friends, this was Slappy Cakes’ way of making summer more fun for kids.

“Slappy Cakes Summer Camp was started to make kids’ summers more fulfilling and enjoyable. Parents and their kids are always finding new ways to spend their summers, and this is a great way to learn something new while still having fun,” said Karen Caballero, General Manager of Slappy Cakes.

Exclusive to this camp were different colored pancake batters that were especially made for the kids to enjoy and play with. On the first day of the workshop, the youngsters were given Slappy Cakes aprons and toques which they were allowed to design and doodle on. They were also taught how to make basic shapes and abstract art with the pancake batters. On the second day, they were shown how to make furry and fluffy dogs out of yarn or cotton. Pancake dog counterparts and colorful fishes were also taught, then the kids had the freedom to make any other animal they wanted with the batters. On the third and last day, they were tasked to make thank you cards for their parents and taught how to make pancakes with human faces. The camp also promoted teamwork with a pancake art contest wherein the kids were grouped and had to work together to showcase what they have learned. At the end of the camp, all the campers were given certificates of participation for being part of the workshop.

The Slappy Cakes Summer Camp will now be done annually, so kids have another chance to join next year to have a fun and artsy experience.

Monday, June 1, 2015


Press release

Adam Richman continues his culinary adventures in TLC’s brand new series, MAN FINDS FOOD. He embarks on a new quest to uncover the most unexpected and delicious treasures in towns across the U.S. Discover some truly surprising must-eats that only those in-the-know would be able to find in MAN FINDS FOOD, premiering June 8 at 9:30 PM on TLC.

From a Thai joint in Los Angeles that serves a spicy off-menu burger he can only describe as “life-changing”, to one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Milwaukee hidden in an unassuming office building, Adam takes viewers all over the U.S. as he samples the country’s amazing food creations. These tantalising treasures are sometimes found in towns not known for that particular dish – or for food in general.

Occasionally nestled in locations that are nearly impossible to find, Adam and his crew will hunt down and reveal these classified creations one by one. In Chinatown, he learns about a sandwich so secret you need to be one of the first five to order it. In a neighbourhood known as Kaimuki, he sees how a once-illegal Hawaiian food is specially prepared by pounding it with a pestle. And he makes some mouthwatering finds in the randomest of places, such as a bowling alley – that happens to serve full-broiled chicken, which Adam has proclaimed as his favourite.

Along the way, Adam talks to the creators of these dishes and connects with the locals to find out about their favourite food joints and what other scrumptious secrets the towns might be harbouring.

Tune in as each episode builds up to reveal the most outlandish, delicious, off-the-menu creations.