Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Selections from Tinapayan Festival

I usually eat meals with rice but when it comes to breakfast and merienda(snack time), I eat bread. Bread is easier to eat and you don't need utensils required. In the Philippines, we have lots of neighborhood bakeries and some of them are as old as the previous generation.

I don't mind if there are commercial branding in the bread business but it is also good for small neighborhood bakeries to hit big in the market. One example is Tinapayan Festival. It already has shops in Market! Market! and Fisher Mall but it all came from the flagship store in Dapitan Manila where all these breads were made.
Crema De Fruta

Tinapayan Festival is already in the bread business for 30 years now and I am glad I will find out why got them this long by tasting their products at main store in Dapitan. Here are the selections ideal for the holidays. The Crema De Fruta is ideal for the Christmas eve because it is not only delicious but how it look like as if it was baked for this occasion.
Cheese Dinner Roll

The next one I tried was Cheese Dinner Roll. It may look like an oversize Ensaymada but it is more than that but I think it can be ideal for other occasions. The Almond Cheese Cake is not what I expected. Just like the Cheese Dinner Roll, it also appears as if nothing is special until you taste it. You can taste how is is full of flavor.
Almond Cheese Cake

I also tried the cream puffs which is one of the best I've had as well as the special ensaymada and for non-sweet breads like the meat rolls didn't got me disappointed. But we got the best for last was the Holiday Bread. It may look like a rounded crema but it is like a fruitcake minus the wine and I find it better than the fruitcake.
Holiday Bread

The breads of Tinapayan is baked fresh but also delivered in their other stores. But rest assured, it is just the right amount for it to be sold within the day so it will remain fresh after selling it.For more food tripping, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.