Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Press release

MANILA, PH --- Valentine’s Day is a time for you to express your feelings and send your message across to someone special to you.  Are you adventurous enough to make the first move to surprise your loved one and show how truly special he or she is?  Or are you finally ready to reveal yourself to your secret crush?  Or how about making your partner fall in love with you again?   

If you’re wanting to share your feelings but clueless on how to do it, then worry no more as you will now have a chance to be that romantic guy or fun girl you always want to be through M&M’S®  Fun First Move Project! 

M&M’S® is bringing in its spontaneous fun to the most romantic time of the year.  Through M&M’S® Fun First Move project, get a chance to win a special delivery service through M&M’S® Characters Red, Yellow and Green that will make your Valentine’s celebration fun and truly unforgettable. 

M&M’S® Red, the leader of the gang, will tag along a boyband to have an exclusive live serenade for your special someone which will surely make her fall head over heels for you.  Red adds, “If you can’t say it, you sing it!”  M&M’S® Yellow, the friendliest of them all, will send lots of warmth and love together with his life-size Teddy Bear mate. Yellow says, “Who will not have a soft spot for an adorable Teddy especially when I’m bringing it along with M&M’S® chocolates?”  

And of course, M&M’S® Green, the confident and smart diva, never fails with her surprises. True to her personality of owning all things good-looking, she brings along a hot real-life cupid to deliver you and your gifts to your partner. Ms. Green affirms, “We are sure to make heads turn and have others literally turn green with envy!”

The biggest surprise is for the lucky grand winner! The ultimate Valentine’s date -– a helicopter ride going to the scenic south of Manila for a dinner at an exclusive place where more romantic surprises await your special someone!   “How could someone forget an epic date like this, right?”  says Red.

So, are you game with the idea and curious on how to join?  All you need to do is buy any two (2) packs of M&M’S® products from leading supermarkets, post a photo of the M&M’S® products you bought on your Facebook or Instagram accounts with the hashtag #mmsfunfirstmove. Make sure your Facebook and Instagram accounts are on public setting. Alternatively, you can present your proof of purchase to the M&M’S® sales promoters in store so they can process your registration. If you win, M&M’S® will get in touch with you to plan your ultimate Fun First Move!  Promo runs from January 9 to February 5 2017 in time for the Valentine’s Day. 

For full contest details, please follow www.facebook.com/MMsPhilippines

It’s easy to make your loved one’s Valentine’s Day truly memorable, right? So what are you waiting for? Join the M&M’S® Fun First Move project and give your special someone the fun surprise this Valentine’s Day!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Laba porridge: Count-down to Spring Festival

Press release

Last Jan 5, 2017, people received free "Laba" porridge at many temples like Yonghegong Lama Temple in Beijing.

Otherwise, people could also enjoy the porridge at those time-honored restaurants like Huguosi Snacks, Tongheju Restaurant, Quyuan Restaurant and Makai Restaurant.
It is a way of celebrating the Laba Festival, or Laba Rice Porridge Festival, one of the traditional Chinese festivals on the eighth day of the 12th month of lunar calendar.
According to the Buddhist belief that on this day Sakyamuni became the Buddha thousands years ago, and that is why Buddhist temples observe this festival.

That is where the Laba Festival comes from.
"La", a Chinese character, is closely associated with the meaning of offering sacrifices to gods or ancestors, while "Ba" means the number of eight.
It's customary on this day to drink the special porridge, usually stewed of at least eight ingredients.
With rice as the main ingredient, this porridge may well contain ingredients like broad beans, red beans, mung beans, red dates, peanuts, chest nuts, both tasty and nutritious.
This tradition of making Laba porridge could be traced back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279), generously extolling the significance of diligence and thrift.
Apart from the porridge, there are also traditions of making Laba garlic and Laba noodles in some parts of North China.
Perhaps, the most important meaning of Laba is its loud reminding or counting-down of days to the most important Chinese festival -- the Spring Festival. Laba is here, the Spring Festival is at the corner.