Monday, July 13, 2015

Dine Like Royalty at Chateau Hestia

In one of my previous post, I featured the accommodations at Chateau Hestia at my flagship blog. Now, I will feature the food. As mentioned previously, Chateau is French for castle and Hestia is the Greek goddess.

Upon arrival at their restaurant, we were welcomed by Chef Natalie Moran. I can describe Chateau Hestia's restaurant has a mix of European and Asian theme. After introductions, we settled for our dinner. What we're having for dinner is their three-course meal and the assortment of bread with malunggay pesto while waiting for the first course.

The three-course meal includes, soup, the main course, dessert including a glass of wine for only P850.00. This is already fixed for the entire month. On the following month they change their menu. You have the option to order foreign cheese for appetizers that will suit the bread. The cheese is not heavy but the bread is so I suggest not consuming much bread so you will enjoy savoring the meals.
Chef Nat orienting us about the dishes
The first course is the squash soup. You may find squash as a common soup but it is served purely squash that made it thick and rich in flavor and it also goes well with the bread. For the main course, there are two preferences or choices. The choices were Braised lamb ravioli and Australian flank steak. I guarantee that it is a mouthful because I considered the main course as heavy dish. I tried the Australian flaunt steak. I guarantee it's a mouthful even without the rice.

The course ended with Apple Streudel for dessert. I like the atmosphere of the restaurant and the place is like secluded. If you ask me, this is the best place to bring your dinner date. It has more privacy than any restaurant located in a mall or any establishment.

Dining in Chateau Hestia does is not only stylish but also educational. They  also have local and foreign beer and and has different types of wine that will suit your taste. If you like to experience a traditional European pub or tavern, Chateau Hestia also has a bar. They also have a store if you only wish to buy beer or wine that you can bring at your room if you are a guest.

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