Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Food Exploration on Earth and the Outer Space on TLC

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This September stay tuned to TLC for a one of a kind food exploration on Earth and the Outer Space as Chef Heston Blumenthal and Anthony Bourdain take us to a different food adventure.

The unique programme Heston’s Dinner in Space follows the adventures of Chef Heston Blumenthal and his team as they work closely with the UK Space Agency, ESA and NASA, attempting to revolutionize the previously limited world of space food. Follow Heston's trials and tribulations behind creating meals that can be consumed outside of the Earth's atmosphere, culminating in an out-of-this-world dining experience where his creations are eaten live on the International Space Station. Heston’s Dinner in Space premieres September 5Monday, at 8:05pm on TLC.

Also set to feature on TLC this month is Parts Unknown Season 6.  The one-hour weekend lifestyle series follows world-renowned chef, writer and broadcaster Anthony Bourdain as he travels the across the globe to uncover little-known areas of the world and celebrate diverse cultures by exploring food and dining rituals. It’s a whole new series of the same good food and lifestyle finds onAnthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown 6 premieres September 6, Tuesday, at 9pm.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Electrolux Ideas Lab: Let’s bring healthy, home-cooked food to every dinner table

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Global eating habits are changing as our passion for food is booming. What you eat can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases and promote your overall wellbeing. In a new global competition, Electrolux seeks innovative ideas to inspire healthier, tastier and more sustainable home cooking through Ideas Lab.

Filipino consumers today search to source organic produce, share meals on social media, travel to the far reach of the Philippine islands for new flavors and tastes. Butat the same time, food is increasingly recognized as a sustainability challenge in terms of food waste, CO2 emissions, and health issues such as obesity, diabetes and under-nutrition.Simply put, the appetite for great food is growing but consumers are also hungry for change.With Ideas Lab, Electrolux is taking innovation further and providing food for thought among consumers around the globe. Today’s passion for food is a key ingredient for a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow and it all starts in the heart of any home – the kitchen. This competition offers an opportunity for Filipinos to cook up creative ideas that inspire people around the world to enjoy tastier, healthier and more sustainable home cooking.

Competition Mechanics

Electrolux Ideas Lab is calling everyone over the age of 18 to conceptualize innovative cooking ideas and upload a 30-second video entry to www.electroluxideaslab.comfrom August 15 - October 3. Submissions can be submitted by an individual or a two-person team.  Consumers are encouraged to be as creative as they can be with their video submission. Still, there’s no need to be a video expert – entries could also take a simpler approach using a smartphone.

Winning Entry

The final winner will be selected by a jury of Electrolux experts on November 28, 2016 and will receive€10,000(over PhP 50,000.00) in cash prize plus an invitation to spend a week in Stockholm, the start-up capital of the world, to enable the winner to develop, realize and launch the idea further. Throughout this unique experience, the winner(s) will meet with leaders and experts from Electrolux and network with some of the most successful Scandinavian start-ups to shape their idea and receive inspiring insights into launching it in the market.

“With Electrolux Ideas Lab, we are aiming to trigger creativity and out-of-the-box thinking around matters relating to the home and everyday life. The competition celebrates the creative minds of participants and enables them to take their ideas even further. says Jonas Samuelson, Electrolux President and CEO.

The recipe for success is limitless; Electrolux Ideas Lab welcomes creativeinnovations -whether it’s from smartphone apps, food-sharing programs, innovative recipe collections, kitchen tools and life hacks, to full-fledged business models. So do you have a brilliant idea?

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

LUKE NGUYEN: Exploring Malaysia one dish at a time

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Planning to take your gastronomic experience to another level? Why not try these food trails in Malaysia and get to taste the best of Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta?

(Luke Nguyen’s Culinary Trip in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Check on the best gastronomic stops in Malaysia and satisfy your Malaysian cuisine craving through this food trails.)


Multi-hyphenate Luke Nguyen of Street Food Asia is giving you a quick and easy tour on the food stops in Malaysia. Luke continues his street food journey venturing into multicultural Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Luke meets his friend, Tana, in Brickfields which is filled with a variety of different Indian dishes. Tana escorts Luke to his favorite street food stalls where Luke tastes delicious sweet and savory treats, including the curry puffs said to provide the consumer with prosperity and happiness.
Luke then meets the famous Mr. Hung with a reputation for flying instant noodles nearly two stories high. Luke then heads to Ramal Food Junction where he visits Willy's Satay Stall, considered to be the best satay in Kuala Lumpur.


Luke continues unearthing different street foods in Kuala Lumpur starting at the central JalanImbi market. With the market already busy at 7:30am, Luke is lucky to meet a friend with a table where he's able to taste different dishes walking past him. Having reserved the table, Luke heads off to talk to some local stall-holders and fills his plate high with different tasty treats. Luke then meets Mr.Sou who has been cooking a hearty Pork Bone Soup with medicinal herbal properties for over 20 years. Luke learns from Grandma Lim who's perfected her noodle making skills for 40 years to the most delicious fresh Chinese-Malay dish.

Luke continues his street food adventure exploring Jakarta, Indonesia. Meeting up with his old friend, Derice, Luke unearths the delicious delicacies of Chinatown, finding the experience a melting pot of diverse cultural cuisines. Luke joins the locals beneath the tall city skyscrapers and uncovers a truly authentic Indonesian stall which serves every part of a chicken. During the busy lunch break, Luke joins the hustle and bustle, meeting local Hadi, and dines on a diverse range of dishes. Moving onto dessert, Luke visits a vendor selling a sweet snack that resembles his grandmother's hair.

Luke completes his street food journey in Jakarta, Indonesia where he visits a busy stall that's been serving a traditional Indonesian salad since 1961. Luke indulges in an Indonesian dessert, the sweet Martabak, known as the 'King of Street Food'. After exploring the streets of Jakarta for the best Nasi Goreng, Luke is put to work helping to cook and serve the largest 'wokful' of Nasi Goreng he's ever seen.

Learn more about Luke Nguyen’s culinary trip in Malaysia on Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia airing this Monday, August 25 at 9:25pm on TLC.

Channel 62 (Skycable), channel 53 (Destiny Cable), channel 29 (Cignal), channel 26 (Dream Sattelite TV), channel 32 (Sky Direct).

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Vegan Dining At Live Life

We all eat different types of meat from pork, chicken, beef and fish and most of the times, we left out vegetables. We need to rotate these choices because all of it has nutrients that we all need. You can choose to have vegetables as side dishes.

Good thing there are restaurants like Live Life that offers vegan dishes only. These are dishes that are presentable enough to make any meat lover eat vegetables. Who are the target customers of Live Life? First, those who are conscious about nutrients. Live Life also have vegetarian meat is a substitute for real meat.

Second target customers are the seasonal vegetarians. These are mostly Roman Catholics who do not eat meat on Holy Week as part of their religious practice. Third are the vegetarians, Buddhist and vegans.  Buddhist does not eat any meat because of their belief in reincarnation and karma.

What is the difference between vegetarians and vegans? What makes vegans different is the lifestyle. Vegans don’t eat what comes from the dairy like milk and eggs and they don’t buy leather products because of the source material.

If you choose to be either a vegan or vegetarian, you must first consult a doctor if your body can adjust. Otherwise, you might only endanger your health is why we should eat in moderation. Live Life is located along Chino Roces in Makati near the Phil. School Of Interior Design.

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