Monday, October 29, 2012

Goldilocks Party For all Occassions

My niece Kylie decorating a cake.
Goldilocks has been part of every family for a couple of generations now and would it be great to have it at their very own party package like any fast food chain. Located at their main office and plant, Goldilocks has their own party room ideal for any occassion.
Halloween at Cake City

I was invited to their Halloween party to experience how Goldilocks hosts a party for kids. All kids came in their colorful costumes from superheroes to fairy tales. Since I don't have kids yet, I brought my 5 y/o niece and her mother(my sister) to the party. My niece wore her fairy wings and ballet tights to look more like Tinkerbell. The first thing we did after arrival and introductions to the host, we were given a junior size plain white cake with Halloween themed icing to and Halloween themed edible decorations. The idea was to decorate our own cake.
Party games

After decorating our cake, the program started with welcome remarks from Goldilocks and hosted some parlor games for the kids. My niece didn't know any of the kids there but she was eager to join the  games. When the host asked who wants to join, she raises her hand. She gets along some of the kids that way. The kids who participated never leaves empty-handed in every game.
Winning cake

After the first set of games, we had a buffet lunch with Goldilocks ideal food for a kids' party. The barbecue and chicken are more than a mouthful than I thought. As for the yummy cupcakes, it is also topped with a Halloween decoration each like the ones used for the cake designing contest.

After the games, the judging for the best cake and costumed parent and child was named. I agree that the mom and son who won that day deserved it. The kids went home with more treats from Goldilocks. Unlike most function rooms for kiddie parties, Goldilocks really designed their party room for kids. It is like a Day Care Center. The chairs and tables were small but sturdy enough for both the adults and kids. My sister said that they have a nice package deal. I just hope that the party room will also be available in all outlets soon. For now, it is primarily located at Goldilocks Cake City in Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong.  It is ideal not just for Halloween but for all occassions the kids can enjoy. It won't be long till the Christmas season so why not be the first to celebrate your Christmas party at Goldilocks. For details, check out the Goldilocks website.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It’s FRIED-day, I’m in Love!

That mouth-watering “crispy on the outside, moist on the inside” eating experience is what makes fried food so irresistible. Paired with rice and the perfect dipping sauce, this type of viand creates a gastronomic medley so satisfying that we can’t help but crave for more. 

Getting our fried food fix can now be done in a snap! Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, offers a variety of fried treats with an array of delectable dipping sauces. Take your pick from crisp, mouthwatering Lumpiang Shanghai, golden fried Breaded Porkchop and the newest entrants Crispy Siomai and Chicken Crunchers. These crispy delights also come with sweet and sour sauce, Pinoy barbeque sauce, honey garlic sauce or Thai chili sauce to choose, dip and complete the crunchy treat experience.

Indulge in some fried guilty pleasures and crunch your way to a happy tummy by swinging by the nearest Goldilocks or by calling 888-1-999 for Go Delivery

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I love coffee. I've been drinking coffee since I was 11 years old. Now, I probably had four cups a day the most. The reasons I drink coffee is probably to keep me awake every morning and when I have to finish a blog overnight. It is also addictive. When I get a chance to get free coffee, instant or brewed, I will certainly get a cup or two.
Coffee Origins organizers

But there are facts about coffee I still don't know about until I went to Coffee Origins 2012 that opened October 4 at The Gallery located at the second floor of Greenbelt 5. There are 9 out of 10 who are also coffee drinkers like me. It is a local pride that we Pinoys love our homegrown coffee. Outside the Philippines, most are not aware that we are also growing coffee.
Kinds of coffee that is available locally

October marks the coffee month. Coffee Origins is held every year at Ayala Center to celebrate our love of coffee and to promote our own brands. There will be sampling of our brewed coffee that you won't see in a regular grocery or supermarket.
Barako wine

Coffee Origins is not just limiting to giving samples and selling good coffee, they are providing talks or dialogue on how coffee making and harvesting a business for the country. Vietnam is now number 2 producer of coffee in the world and they are not far from the Philippines.
Dr. Dave D'Haeze

They invited an expert from Belgium, Dr. Dave D'haeze who is now based in Vietnam to share the techniques on how to make money from coffee with less cost. Water is also essential so Dr. D'Haeze can show it with lesser amount of water use.

Coffee Origins not only promote local coffee but also livelihood of the people. The probable reason why we are not producing enough coffee to export internationally because we don't have enough lands for coffee. Most farmers use their lands to produce other products besides coffee.

The organizers of Coffee Origins sees this as their mission to look for more fertile lands outside the cities suitable to produce coffee. Companies like Bo's Coffee also invested to see the potential to make more coffee besides Arabica and Barako. I was immersed with coffee tasting since I first tasted an expensive coffee from the North called civet coffee. I was told how it was processed and why it is expensive so I tried a sample from the exhibit. A new use of coffee was the Barako wine. I find it sweet but it still has the kick of coffee. The products are also available in selected stores in Metro Manila. Please support this effort and enjoy drinking our local coffee.