Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cross Cultural Fine Dining Experience at Yoree

The masses is drawn to the trend of foreign culture especially our young people. We are not only focused on local and Western entertainment but also on Asian entertainment specifically Korean.  Although the fad of Korean TV series fascinates the viewers, it also helps us understand their customs.

Our educational institutions is no stranger to the Koreans. Our private schools has the most number of Koreans among all foreign students. I also had Korean classmates during my college days.

What best way to understand their customs than knowing about their dishes. During my time as a student, I always befriend foreign students because no one talks to them and we are supposed to  be hospitable people.

I attended an informal lunch at a new Korean restaurant named Yoree located in Bonifacio Global City. The first branch in the Philippines is owned and operated by a Korean. The good thing about Korean employers and cooks is they are meticulous with the details.

What you will first notice in a Korean restaurant like Yoree are the metal utensils. Their chopsticks are made of metal which is usual in Korean royalty.To Korean royalty, silver and gold are being used for dining utensils. You will also notice that they have standard appetizers to offer before the actual meal.
Also, their tables has built-in stove for grilling. You can ask the waiters to help you or assist you while cooking. The presentations of the dining set are really classy. The food preparations is also not your usual routine in meals so the waiters can assist you how to eat the dishes the way Koreans do it.
Photo courtesy of  Blogger JR Bustamante

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