Friday, March 27, 2015

Taco Bell Reopens With A New Campaign

When I am in either Cubao or North EDSA, I always go to Taco Bell when I eat out because it is the only part of the Metro where its located. Now, they are changing their image of their flagship branch at Gateway as well as a new campaign slogan.

I ordered a meal for myself to find out if there are any changes in their operation. Even though it was not long for the preparation since it is still a fast food store, I am entertained that you can now see them preparing the food while waiting to be called. This way, you can be assured that they are served fresh and guaranteed that they are preparing it the right way.

The campaign slogan is LIVE MAS as in MORE. It is now the campaign used among branches across the world. It has a positive outlook. It just means MAS flavor, MAS heart meaning Taco Bell has heart in everything they do and MAS value or more value to assure the customers that they got their money's worth.
My heavy combo meal

Besides their new campaign, the eating area also has a new look. Besides the usual tacos and burritos, they have new variety of meal combos of picadillas, rice meals and their churros. But I can never forget their taco sauce which is at one time serves in different colorful sachets and tag line. They still do it in U.S. but it will take long to ship them here.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Lenten Suggestions from Slappy Cakes

It's the season of Lent for Christianity and since the Philippines has large population of Roman Catholics, the practice of penitence is still common to most Filipinos. Starting Ash Wednesday, Catholics don't eat pork until Easter Sunday which total of 40 days.

Slappy Cakes does not only serve pancakes. They also have variety selections. Here are some non-pork suggestions from Slappy Cakes.

For appetizers, I suggest the Fish Bites. For an appetizer, it is quite heavy I wouldn't mind to have it as a heavy snack. It also has potato bites and a yummy tartar sauce.

For heavy meals, Slappy Cakes offers local dish bangus with eggs and fried rice. If you are a pasta lover, there's the pesto topped with tomatoes with bread. Also ideal for vegetarians. Lastly, my favorite, the Salmon Benedict. Don't be fooled by what it looked because it is really heavy. It is based with pancake, salmon and with egg on top. It comes with two servings with potato bites on the side.

These meals are part of the regular menu of Slappy Cakes. These are available all year round and not for the season for Lent but also ideal for the Muslims and the Jews who don't eat pork. These selections are also for the health buffs.

I can assure you that even though it is not pork meat, it will give you a gastronomic experience. For more food trips, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.