Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chowking Endorser is Now A Franchise Owner

After seeing that the Queen Of All Media Kris Aquino added another endorsement for her long list of TV ads, I was invited to her Empress' Royal Banquet. For the first time in Chow King and for the endorser, Kris Aquino decided to own a franchise.

Ms. Kris always wanted to do business and she done it the proper channels when she applied for franchise. It is probably unusual to see Kris as an entrepreneur because of her regular work as host to many TV programs but she can manage because she also got a partner who can manage it.

Kris confesses that she thought it was hard to apply for franchise but it was not. The branch she chose for her franchise is located at Ali Mall in Cubao. What's good about the area that it is a strategic area because bus terminals are located there and it is the first commercial district. It is also where most concerts are happening.

When I ask who decides for the branch, Kris simply answered, it was Chow King who was kind enough to give her the location. It is true that the company was generous to give the location for the franchise since they usually have company-owned branches and Kris being an endorser may also help boost that.

The commercial was done like a buffet which she didn't expect and she also made the Chow King fried chicken her new favorite in addition to her happy food which is bochi(breaded sweet monggo snack). The Chow King branch will open late in November.

The Royale Banquet is something I will never forget. I got to try new favorites, the Happy Pao which comes in two flavors and designs: Happy Panda(Chocolate) and the Happy Pig(Asado). Each booth has a gimmick like Chinese calligraphy where you can get you name written in Chinese, the fortune telling and personalized charm bracelets according to your sign.  For more foodie trips, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.