Saturday, November 29, 2014

My First Slappy Christmas Experience

When I was invited to a food event for Slappy Cakes, I never thought what will be in store for the next hour and so. I was allowed to bring a child guest but my niece is still at school. I have to settle with the immediate kids in the area. Good thing, fellow blogger brought her son whom I personally know.
Demo on pancake art

When I arrived, I already saw Jado creating pancakes from the built-in oven at the table. He was so into it that he didn't stop serving us pancakes. It was innovative since the pancake mix are in the ketchup bottles and you just pour it at the oven.

Besides the usual chocolate and buttermilk pancake mixes, the seasonal velvet mix is now part of the selections. Slappy Cakes only has Velvet for this occasion and Valentine's and people started to ask for it. The ginger mix is also one of their seasonal mixes for Christmas. If you have tasted a gingerbread, you can imagine how it taste on pancakes.

But making fresh pancakes on the table is not Slappy Cakes has in mind. You can be creative with it. You can make different shapes and sizes and form something out of it. We were given idea by their resident pancake artist. I was impressed when she did a demo making a face of Santa using on the buttermilk on the face, velvet on the hat and chocolate on the cheeks with a some cream on the beard.
Finished product

After the demo, we took the dare who's the best Xmas pancake art. My snowman was not that extravagant but I take pride of my work. You can get a chance to showcase your creative Xmas pancakes and upload them via social networks like instagram with hashtag #SlappyFunChristmas and each post or entry should answer "What would you do if you win a year's worth of pancakes?"
This is the best snowman I can create.

Slappy Cakes is not just for families but it can be fun with your circle of friends, colleagues, classmates etc. I will surely suggest this to the comic book artists I know. On my next post about Slappy Cakes, I will feature the dishes besides pan cakes. To get more foodie updates, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.
She did a better job in making a snowman.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My first Thanksgiving at Burgoo

Burgoo. An American mid-western stew with Irish origins which is popular in Kentucky. There is also a Burgoo festival where families showcase their different variants of burgoo. Burgoo is usually composed of deer, squirrel, or anything they hunted down. Not to be mistaken with burgers.

Burgoo is a Filipino-owned restaurant that serves American dishes. Opened sixteen years ago when Tomas Morato. Since then, Tomas Morato boomed with more restaurants and active night life. I am joining a Thanksgiving lunch at the branch in Podium.

Upon entering the establishment, it is noticeable that their tables are covered with a big layer of paper. While waiting, you can create your own graffiti or art until your food arrives. Each table has random crayons you can use. I can imagine comic book artists doing their thing. Burgoo provides a fun atmosphere and you can see it on the display on the walls.

I was invited by Ms. Joy Melad, in-house PR consultant and Managing Director of Specialty Restaurant Groups, Mr. Albert Alavera as our host.

Our first course was the burgoo stew. Since we don't have deer or squirrels here, the burgoo stew is mixed with pork, beef and chicken. Filipinos may find it new since it is not originally served with rice but you should not think of carbs since the food here are quite a mouthful. The burgoo is probably the best stew I've had since I like dishes served with tomatoes.
Shrimp & Ribs Platter P995.

Our next course was the Chicken Caesar's Salad. I never thought that Caesar's can be good with lots of shrimp and it is just as I like it. After the salad, we are now having their bestseller; the Shrimp & Ribs Platter. Just like any American home cooking, it also comes with corn and fries. The ribs are delicious because of the marinade.

If this won't get you stuffed, the main course is just halfway. Among their pastas, one of their bestsellers is the Chicken Dianne Pasta. It was named for its Dianne sauce. Burgoo is the only restaurant that serves pasta with Angel's Hair.

Just when we are about to give up, we just had to make room for dessert. I am glad I didn't skip the dessert or I will regret it. We are having three of their bestselling cakes. The cakes are not outsourced elsewhere and baked new everyday. I got to taste all three, The Chocolate Cake, Mississippi Mud Cake and the Raspberry Cheesecake. What's good about the Chocolate Cake is that it is rested on caramel syrup on the plate. I consider the Raspberry Cheesecake as my favorite but the Mississippi Mud Cake is ideal for children.

Burgoo is a sister company of Gumbo and is part of the Specialty Restaurant Groups who owns both restaurants. As I said earlier, it is an original Filipino owned restaurant and all of the branches are company owned. Also mentioned earlier that it provides a fun atmosphere and it is available for different event functions.

Be sure to try out the Burgoo Marvelous Combo which includes Extra Supreme Nachos, Country Style Fried Chicken, Tomato-Basil Spaghetti for only P999(save P526 from P1,525). Good for five people and it is served with Coca Cola.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014


On November 27, last Thursday of the month, Gumbo, a New Orleans restaurant is one in celebration of Thanksgiving Day, an annual tradition in the US, historically a religious tradition to give thanks to God.  It is now celebrated in the Philippines and It is also a time for merrymaking, shopping, family reunions, feasts and family dinners.

Speaking of family dinners, Gumbo, located at the 2nd level, Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia; 2nd level, The Block, SM City North Edsa; 3rd level, Robinsons Place Manila Midtown; 2nd level, Atrium Bldg., SM Megamall; Gateway Mall Araneta Center; and Robinsons Magnolia is a perfect place to celebrate this day as they prepare delicious and mouth-watering dishes for your family and friends to feast on.  Highly recommended is “Combo Magnifico” valued at P1525.00 but you can avail for only P999.00, a huge saving of P526.00 indeed a reason to thank God for!

  This sumptuous treat includes Chicken and Cheese Melt Fries, Shrimp Aglio Olio and Cajun Fried Chicken, plus a carafe or 1.5 liters of Coke, guaranteed good for five persons!  Celebrate Thanksgiving Day at Gumbo! For reservations and inquiries, please call 5560238, 4420106, 5671820 and 6353015.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Event release material

On the fourth Thursday of November, Burgoo American Bar and Restaurant joins in commemorating this one of the most important holidays in the US, Canada and several countries including the Philippines. Thanksgiving Day is a joyous family festival celebrated with lots of enthusiasm.  On this day people express gratitude to God for His blessings and give thanks to dear ones for their love and support.  Feasting with family is an integrated and most delightful part of any Thanksgiving Day celebrations.  And where is the best place to have fun on this day than in your favorite restaurant such as Burgoo!

True to their tagline “At Burgoo it’s always a family treat!” the whole family will surely love this “Marvelous Combo” for only P999.00.  Valued at P1525.00, you can save P526.00 for these sumptuous dishes composed of Extra Supreme Nachos; Country-Style Fried Chicken with rice pilaf and potato wedges or any two side dishes of your choice; and Tomato-Basil Spaghetti with special garlic bread.  This delicious treat also comes with 1.5 liter of Coca Cola and is available for dine-in or take-out!  Call 8981815 or 8981817 or 9277396 for FREE delivery in nearby areas at Rockwell and Tomas Morato outlets only.  Other branches of Burgoo is located at The Podium, Gateway Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Galleria, The Block at SM City North EDSA,  SM City Marikina, SM Southmall, The Terraces Mall in Fairview, and Starmall in Taguig  For reservations and inquiries, please call 6875565, 7264663, 9136112, 5560091, 6336256, 4420115, and 4771932.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chowking Endorser is Now A Franchise Owner

After seeing that the Queen Of All Media Kris Aquino added another endorsement for her long list of TV ads, I was invited to her Empress' Royal Banquet. For the first time in Chow King and for the endorser, Kris Aquino decided to own a franchise.

Ms. Kris always wanted to do business and she done it the proper channels when she applied for franchise. It is probably unusual to see Kris as an entrepreneur because of her regular work as host to many TV programs but she can manage because she also got a partner who can manage it.

Kris confesses that she thought it was hard to apply for franchise but it was not. The branch she chose for her franchise is located at Ali Mall in Cubao. What's good about the area that it is a strategic area because bus terminals are located there and it is the first commercial district. It is also where most concerts are happening.

When I ask who decides for the branch, Kris simply answered, it was Chow King who was kind enough to give her the location. It is true that the company was generous to give the location for the franchise since they usually have company-owned branches and Kris being an endorser may also help boost that.

The commercial was done like a buffet which she didn't expect and she also made the Chow King fried chicken her new favorite in addition to her happy food which is bochi(breaded sweet monggo snack). The Chow King branch will open late in November.

The Royale Banquet is something I will never forget. I got to try new favorites, the Happy Pao which comes in two flavors and designs: Happy Panda(Chocolate) and the Happy Pig(Asado). Each booth has a gimmick like Chinese calligraphy where you can get you name written in Chinese, the fortune telling and personalized charm bracelets according to your sign.  For more foodie trips, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Pre-event release material
Aquabest, the country’s leading water refilling franchise is proud to support the upcoming 2014 Filipino Franchise Show.

“We are proud to support Filipino entrepreneurs who are exhibiting their world class concepts through  AFFI’s annual franchise show. This year there will be hundreds of participants each with its own success story that will inspire everyone to go out and start their own business.” says Carson Tan CEO of GQWEST Inc which owns the Aquabest brand.

The company is a long time member of AFFI with around 700 stores and is considered among the leading players in the water franchising industry. This year, the company will continue to highlight its 3 in 1 Combostore concept as well as introduce its new Nanogen technology.

The Combostore franchise combines the Aquabest, Laundrybest, and Oxyplus brands. This allows franchisees of the Combostore to benefit from the expanded target market and synergies resulting from the fusion of the three brands. The concepts offer a faster return period and better margins.

The company is also proud to announce that it would be the  first refilling station franchise to utilize nanotechnology in its filtration process. “Nanogen” which is a Korean developed water filtration system that ensures a high level of water purity while at the same time being the first in the country to offer alkaline pure water.

The 2014 Filipino Franchise Show is presented by the Association of Filipino Franchisers Incorporated (AFFI) the country’s premier franchise group comprised of local franchise concepts. The show runs from October 3 to 5 at the World Trade Center.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Eat Chocolate The Right Way With Cadbury

Cadbury is one of the most popular milk chocolate brands known in the market. There had been variations but there is nothing like the original. Cadbury is not just any milk chocolate. It's rich in milk chocolate. The chocolate taste itself is fancy enough for me.

Cadbury is also one of the ingredients for ice cream parlors like Dairy Queen for their Blizzard selections.
Ms. Arlene Amante, brand manager for Cadbury and RX jock Gino hosting

During the Cadbury Sweet Endings event in Mercato Centrale in BGC, Cadbury Brand Manager Arlene Amante said there's the best way to eat Cadbury with satisfaction that even her 4-year old nephew knows. First, RIP the wrapper. Second, BITE but don't grind it with your teeth yet. Third, allow it to M-M-MMelt inside your mouth and lastly, ENJOY.
Demonstrating the best way to eat a Cadbury Milk Chocolate bar

It is an applied logic in food tasting to apply this method in tasting which we mostly neglect but this is the best way to have sweet ending after each meal. As we have this sweet ending this week at the BGC's famous food district, Cadbury treated us with sweet sounds from from Barbie Almalbis and Pupil. Check out the series of Cadbury TVCs in their Facebook page or before watching a movie in cinemas.
A glimpse from the Cadbury TVC.

It is also first time in Mercato that all food vendors are wearing the same shirts with the Cadbury purple color. Treat yourself with a #CadburySweetEndings. For more foodie adventures, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


GQWEST Inc announced plans to expand its Aquaquest water refilling franchise outside Metro Manila as part of its plans to drive growth.

A sister brand of Aquabest the country’s premier water franchise and with over a hundred stores, Aquaquest is set to grow in rural areas where potable water access remains an issue. The company’s CEO, Carson Tan, sees tremendous potential in areas outside Manila, which have begun to see rapid development and urbanization. “With the Metro Manila water refilling market getting ever more competitive it would be more practical to look at other areas where opportunities are great and competition isn't as fierce.”

A single Aquaquest store can offer three different types of water: purified, mineral, and alkaline. While the purified water is the staple product of the store, the mineral and alkaline types of water would appeal most to people who have specific medical needs or those who need water as a health supplement.

More than just providing its franchisees and consumers with more options, the franchise also offers its franchisees a faster return period due to increased sales brought about by the 3-in-1 concept of the enterprise. This triples their opportunities and chances for success with just a single store.

Apart from its flexible marketing options, acquiring an Aquaquest franchise is now made easier due to the financing options offered by GQWEST. Franchisees can also take advantage of the company’s tie-ups with institutions like BPI Family Savings Bank to help secure a Ka-Negosyo loan package for their franchise. The company also offers excellent after-sales support with a store opening package, local marketing and technical support.

Further, with the company’s Green-Mindset advocacy, the Aquaquest water store may be bundled with a Laundryquest store to conserve water and increase the store's income.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Aquabest the country’s premier water refilling franchise is set to revolutionize the way Filipino’s  experience drinking water as it launches its four exclusive water treatment technologies.

Utilizing its new technologies the company will enable the company’s 700 store network to produce  Granderized water a type of water that is not only clean but also healthy. The company utilizes four unique technologies Grander, Tanwing, Nanogen, and Reverse Osmosis; that alters the very nature of water to make it better.

Tanwing Technology and Reverse Osmosis are filtration technologies that help eliminate practically all contaminants in the water making them safe and clean. Tanwing works by utilizing two wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation to help eliminate all biological contaminants. At the same time, reverse osmosis filters water at the nanometer level far smaller than a strand of hair to ensure that all impurities are filtered out.

The Nanogen and Grander Technologies work at the molecular level to infuse health giving properties to the water by affecting the molecular structure of the water. Nanogen is a Korean technology that utilizes nanotechnology to neutralize pure water’s inherent acidity. Acidic water is supposed to be a contributing factor to some diseases. Grander Technology from Austria alters the molecular structure of water to improve body's absorption.

Overall, Aquabest Granderized Water improves on the inherent cleansing and rejuvenating qualities of water.  Each drop reaches deeper into the core of every cell in our bodies, allowing them to perform their functions better. Drinking Aquabest Granderized Water  will rejuvenate the body at its very core helping people look and feel better.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Product release material

People today live very hectic lifestyle having to juggle their careers, social lives, among others. Between rushing to and from meetings or parties, people tend to neglect their health. As a result, most people turn to various diets and therapy to help improve their health. What most people don’t get is that drinking lots of water can just be as effective as fancy therapies and diets in keeping you in shape.

Drinking water helps cleanse and revitalize the body sweeping away toxins and impurities in the body. Water also helps keep our energy and alertness levels up all day. Overall, drinking lots of water can lead to greater personal wellness and well-being. However, not all water is the same some are better than others.

Aquabest Granderized water in particular is radically different from other types of drinking water being not only clean but also healthy. Utilizing four unique technologies Grander, Tanwing, Nanogen, and Reverse Osmosis; Aquabest alters the very nature of water to make it better.

Tanwing Technology and Reverse Osmosis are filtration technologies that help eliminate practically all contaminants in the water making them safe and clean. Tanwing works by utilizing two wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation to help eliminate all biological contaminants. At the same time, reverse osmosis filters water at the nanometer level far smaller than a strand of hair to ensure that all impurities are filtered out.

The Nanogen and Grander Technologies work at the molecular level to infuse health giving properties to the water by affecting the molecular structure of the water. Nanogen is a Korean technology that utilizes nanotechnology to neutralize pure water’s inherent acidity. Acidic water is supposed to be a contributing factor to some diseases. Grander Technology from Austria alters the molecular structure of water to improve body absorption.

Normal water molecules are large and irregularly shaped. This causes uneven rates of absorption into the body making it inefficient and disorganized. With Grander Technology the water molecules are compressed and given a uniform shape. This facilitates faster and more efficient absorption into the body.

Overall, Aquabest Granderized Water improves on the inherent cleansing and rejuvenating qualities of water. Each drop reaches deeper into the core of every cell in our bodies allowing them to perform their functions better. Drinking Aquabest Granderized Water will rejuvenate the body at its very core helping people look and feel better.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Join The Fight With The Autobots With Oreo Cookies

Earlier this week, I bought some Oreo Cookies with new flavors because of the Transformers: Age Of Extinction promo. Later that week, I didn’t realize that I am about to meet the marketing people of Oreo during the movie launch last June 13 at SM Mall Of Asia Atrium.

The new flavors are Prime Berry Creme which is the blue filling and Action Fruit Creme which is the yellow variation. Both flavors have this cool ice cream taste when you eat the cookies. Each flavor is designed with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee on respective packaging. According to Oreo segment during the program, these flavors are seasonal and are available while supply last.

In addition to the new flavors, regular and chocolate flavors have free stickers with a promo code at the back of the sticker label that you can use one time when you a play a simple online game at Each promo code entered upon registration entitles you to earn points for a chance to win a trip to Universal Studios. The more promo codes you submit, the more chances to get more points to win.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction opens in Philippine cinemas on June 25 and is released by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures Philippines. For more foodie promos, like the L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook or follow this blog. Enjoy the Oreo/T4 TV spot above.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Domino's Pizza Is Giving Away Free Pizza Every Month

I attended the launch for the return of Domino’s Pizza in the Philippines last February 10, 2011. Domino’s Pizza reopened with new management. Going back to present time, Domino’s Pizza is giving away pizza slices for a limited time.
A.Venue branch in Makati
 Allow me to tell you how to get a free pizza slice.
Every last Friday of the month, Domino’s will give away stubs at designated branches over the Greater Metro Manila area for the free pizza slice. You may get these stubs along the streets where the specified branch is located or just in front of the outlet itself.
First customers to receive the free pizza
You will bring that stub for that designated time and claim the free pizza without the obligation to purchase. The purpose of this is to make Domino’s Pizza visible to the masses. I got to experience the the first day of free pizza last March 28. Hawaiian Pizza may be not my first choice for pizza topping but it’s not everyday you get a free pizza.
The following Domino’s Pizza branches you can avail of the free pizza stubs are:
*Marvin Plaza, Pasong Tamo, Makati
*El Molito,Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City
*SM Las Piňas, Zapote Road, Alabang
*A. Venue, Makati ave, Makati
*SM Sucat, Sucat Lopez, Sucat Rd., Paraňaque
*SM Molino, Bacoor, Cavite
*Ashcreek, Greenhills, San Juan
Take note of the following last Fridays each month: April 25, May 30, June 27, Aug. 29, Sept. 26, Oct. 31, Nov. 28, Dec. 26, 2014; January 30, Feb. 27, 2015.
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ajinomoto® Umami Culinary Challenge Winning Teams

Every year since 2009, the Ajinomoto® Umami Culinary Challenge (UCC) gathers the Philippines’ most creative and innovative culinarians. The event is now one of the country's biggest intercollegiate culinary competitions. This year, Ajinomoto® UCC attracted thousands of visitors and hundreds of HRM and Nutrition students from 51 Universities and Colleges, not just coming from Metro Manila and nearby provinces, but as far back as Ilocos, CAR and Visayas.

Distinguished judges during the event included culinary experts Chef Bruce Lim, Chef Dino Datu, Chef Sau del Rosario, Chef Rosebud Benitez and nutrition experts Dr. Veritas Luna, Dr. Zenaida Narciso and Ms. Joan Sumpio to name a few. There were four (4) competition categories that included the Best Filipino Umami Dish, Umami Bento Meal,   My Eat Well, Live Well® Plate and My Own Umami Creation.

Best Filipino Umami Dish

For the first time this year, Ajinomoto® UCC introduced a National Cooking Showdown, where the winning team from Visayas competed with the best team from Luzon for the Best Filipino Umami Dish competition category. This category recognizes the significant presence of umami taste in Filipino cuisine. The Visayas contingent came from Hercor College – Capiz, they won in the Ajinomoto® UCC Iloilo and Cebu events. But it was La Consolacion College – Manila who came on top after winning in both the Luzon and national rounds for the Best Filipino Umami Dish. The winning entries of La Consolacion are a Capampangan delicacy called Sale Ebun Utik (Duck Egg's Nest), and  an Ilokano specialty called Dinengdeng Boquet with Crisp.

Umami Bento Meal

To highlight the discovery of umami in Japan, Ajinomoto® UCC created the Umami Bento Meal competition category. The task for the competitors is to come up with a Japanese-Filipino “fusion” bento meal that boasts of authentic umami taste and outstanding nutritional value. The 3rd place winner is De La Salle University – Dasmariñas with their dish Sinigang Rice Burger w/ Rellenong Bangus Maki, Ginger Calamansi Sauce and Fruit Tartlet. Colegio de San Lorenzo bagged the 2nd place with their Wayō Bento creation. The top team for said category is Rogationist College from Silang Cavite, their winning dish is called Bento Seafoods Galore.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Foodie Combo Treat at UNCLE CHEFFY's and KUSE

It’s my first time to eat dishes from two food establishments in one seating. Not because it was situated beside each other but they are owned and operated by the same company. The restaurant I went to are Uncle CHEFFY’s and KUSE at Venice Piazza in Taguig.

Uncle Cheffy’s offers a fine dining experience with Italian ambiance. Instead of pizza, Uncle Cheffy’s known for their own style of panizza. Panizzas are hand-rolled pizza.  Instead of the usual round shape we are accustomed with, it is rectangular and sliced diagonally. It is definitely more fun to eat than a regular pizza. Uncle Cheffy’s prides itself for traditional method using brick ovens.

The first course started with the salad for appetizers. Uncle Cheffy’ Salad can be a mouthful and it’s not for individual consumption.  We had the Lovely Jenny Salad, Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad, and the Uncle Cheffy’s Salad. My recommendation is the Grilled Prawn and Pomelo Salad because it’s a rare thing prawns are used for salads. The salad’s prices ranges from P230.00 to P495.00

After the salads, we were served three variations of panizzas: East Meets West, Uncle Cheffy Favorites, and All-Meat Barbecue. Each serving of panizza comes with three salad green and salsa ideal to roll with your panizza slice.

All-Meat BBQ is made up of beef teriyaki, pork, chicken barbecue, onions, chli flakes, basil and 3 kinds of cheese. East Meets West is made up of parmaham, salami, kesong puti. Salted eggs, tomatoes mango and 3 kinds of cheeses. Uncle Cheffy’s favorite is made up of oven-dried tomatoes, parmesan, cheddar, gyuyere, blue cheese, herbs and virgin olive oil. There are four more panizza selections and the price ranges from P195 to P250(Medium) and P380 to P495(Family).

Mostly, no Pinoy I know eat without rice. We now feasted on the different viands starting with the Asian Fried Rice.  What I like about their fried rice was that it can stand on its own even without a viand. The Asian Fried Rice cost either P120 for single serving or P220 for sharing.

The feast consists of noodles, grilled dishes, and more specialties and favorites from Uncle Cheffy’s and Kuse. I always like noodle dishes. Their Tuiey Noodles(P295)  is what I fancy during the food tasting. It is topped with meat and has rich flavor.  For Kuse, I fancy their Vigan Bagnet.  Nothing is new with it except that it is served with egg plants and bagoong isda.
Just when our tummies are about to give up, we must have room for dessert. The Chocolate Parfait is quite unique because it has pandan crepe. Most of the food here are unique. It’s a fusion of Pinoy and Western dishes.

Kuse and Uncle Cheffy's has various branches. The one I went to was at Venice Piazza. For more foodie updates and reviews, visit and like LENS blogs