Friday, March 17, 2017

Orman Bag-ao will "RAIN OR SHINE" Berlin for the international Bacardi Legacy

Although I have a favorite among the five Bacardi Legacy entries, it’s hard for me to distinguish who we will send for the international leg of the competition. All five mixers have their own style and unique flair to make it for Berlin, Germany in May.

I have to agree with the Liquido Maestro Kalel Demetrio when he told me that each one is capable and ready in case one of them got chosen and he meant it not because they are his friends but because he is an expert mixer himself.

My favorite Bacardi Legacy entry during the bar tour is Rain Or Shine by Orman Bag-ao. A native of Davao, he applied fruit ingredients and flavors to his mix which I find refreshing. Just before the program, I got to meet Richie Cruz, the first Philippine bet for the international Bacardi Legacy. I asked him what he expects from the finalists when one of them won. He said, he already told them his experiences and gave tips. They already know what to do and they are prepared whoever wins.
The five Bacardi Legacy mixers
Once again, the five finalists, namely Alliuss Abrazado, Larry Guevarra, Orman Bag-ao, Kenneth Bandivas and Ralph Allen Santos once again prepared their entries and this time, in front of the judges. These mixers are not only the best, they are also representing the best bar establishment the country has to offer and each have their own support group from their bar patrons. I happen to sit with Alliuss’ group and we had good conversations about the event.

I was glad when finally Orman Bag-ao was selected for to be sent to Berlin on May 17 to 24. After being proclaimed, I saw Richie Cruz and Orman are having a short talk. Cheers to Orman and I will surely have a toast for his success with a Cuba Libre on May the 24th.

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